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Modified Bitumen Synthetic Membranes Living (Green) Roofs
For low slope this product is the most used and most economical solution used in residential application today. As long as the roof has enough slope to shed water, this will definitley meet your needs!
Synthetic Membranes are most commonly used on commercial roofs and residential flat roofs where pooling may occur. By far a more superior product than modified bitumen, but can be prohibitively expensive when the application doesn't require
Living Roofs are a centuries old idea that has gained momentum due to the advances in synthetic membrane roof practices. Obviously a more costly roof than than just a synthetic membrane, your money will not be spent in vain as the vegatation of the roof will preserve the membrane 2 to 3 times longer, as well as reduce your energy costs up to 50% due to the insulation value and water retention of the soil and plant life. By far the greenest choice and the most aesthetically pleasing of all roofing products!


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