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2011 Energy Tax Credit for Qualifying Replacement Windows and Patio Doors

If you're considering purchasing replacement windows, remember that there are federal tax credits available for 2011. Although new legislation has reduced the amount of the tax credit and changed the qualifying criteria, you are still eligible for tax credits for making your home more energy efficient.

Purchase qualifying replacement windows from 7-time ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year Gorell Enterprises. You'll save twice—first with the tax credit, then by significantly lowering your home energy usage and costs.

2011 Federal Tax Credit Highlights

  • Provides a consumer tax credit up to $200 for 10% of the cost of qualified replacement windows. (New-construction products are not applicable.)

  • Provides a consumer tax credit up to $500 for 10% of the cost of qualified doors.

  • Applies to ENERGY STAR® windows and doors installed between January 1, 2011 and December 31, 2011.

  • Limits consumers to a lifetime maximum tax credit of $500. This lifetime limit is for any combination of tax credit qualifying products (windows, doors, insulation, HVAC, roofing, etc) from Jan 1, 2006, to Dec. 31, 2011. Consumers who have already reached or exceeded the $500 limit are not eligible to claim the credit in 2011.

How To Get Your 2011 Tax Credit:

  1. Purchase qualifying products (ENERGY STAR qualified replacement windows or doors).

  2. Keep the ENERGY STAR labels from your new windows, or select and print the appropriate Manufacturer’s Certification Statement for your records.

  3. Claim this tax credit on your 2011 federal income taxes.

View Manufacturer's Certification Statement | View a Complete List of Qualifying Products | View www.energystar.gov


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